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Rooted in campfire songs and stories, High Water Mark is blazing a trail of their own for a new style of Americana Music, one that speaks to the soulful roots of the human experience. 


No strangers to jamming around a campfire, playing shows on the tops of wandering adventure busses or loading a slew of musical instruments on boats for weeks to float down a river, this group thrives on the soulful sounds of adventure and companionship and the musical threads that combine the two.


Their songs weave stories about the places they've been and it's apparent, through their raw sound and poetic lyrics, that these experiences together have shaped not only the trajectory of their lives, but their way of life. It was a natural progression to move from campfire jams and porch plays to performing on the big stage.

Rustic, raw, and real. High Water Mark’s music will get you up and out of your seat, and make you dream of setting off on the open road to find the roots of your own soul.



True to their roots, High Water Mark’s  first album, appropriately dubbed, “The Basement Sessions,” is an ode to their humble beginnings, playing music at every chance they could get in any place they could find. The four songs on this album come straight from the heart and tell stories of heartbreak and love, of dusty roads filled with laughter and music, of journeying to the depths of one's soul—they are songs from quintessential life experiences.


It’s obvious when you see them and hear them that this is a group that has been through the ups and downs and intricacies of life together. Lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Adam Ferguson’s raw vocals and lyrics fused with lead guitarist Cody Wright’s raw guitar licks bring the rowdy rock up that extra notch. Add in drummer Nate Chestnut’s consistent beats with Jett Davidson’s captivating bass lines, the sweet sounds of Maggie Crocker's harmonies and Danny Cook's harmonica riffs, and you've got the sounds of rustic Americana jams.


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